Let's try it in English

Your child doesn't like to learn ?
Reading is no fun?
Every day she makes  number of different mistakes? 
In writing he mixes up the position of many letters?
Her numbers are turned around and arithmetic isn't becoming automatic?
He often needs hours to finish his homework?

Are you and your child desperate despite all your motivation ?
You've already tried everything? Then ....

Then it's time to make things clear!
School as an institution whose task is to teach children all the necessary skills has not just become the centre of attention since the 2003 PISA study was published. Shortcomings in teaching reading, a crucial necessity for social integration and communication, are the main focus of criticism.
Parallel to the mostly polemic debate on the question of who is responsible for the lack of reading skills, teachers are seeking suitable means to meet all the needs of their students, including those with special needs.
Our objective is to gradually strengthen the capabilities and overcome the weaknesses of children who are poor performers in some subjects and who require extra assistance in learning and using written language. To this end dyslexia tests and training are finding increasing use.
I hope you will find the right solution to help your child overcome his or her problems.
I can be your partner in this.
Dyslexia testing and training help your child to learn successfully.
A quote of the Polish teacher and doctor Janusz Korczak expresses my standpoint and guideline:

"If I'm dealing with a child,

I have two feelings:

Affection for what it is today,

and respect for what it can become. "

Sie suchen noch einen Platz für ein erfolgreiches Training?

Rufen Sie mich an und informieren Sie sich! Ich freue mich auf Ihren Anruf!



Christine Eberl

Dyslexia test and training

also in English

If your child has English as classroom language or as mother tongue, please do not hesitate to contact me!